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Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.
- Ryunosuke Satoro
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About us

Third personal development workshop in Dublin: "What employers are looking for?".

The third Workshop for Polish Jobseekers Community in Ireland was organized by Jacek Lacina (Leader and founder of JobseekerSite.info - forum POMOC BEZROBOTNYM)
With the support of:
1. Sigmar Recruitment Dublin
2. The Polish Social and Cultural Centre in Dublin

Executive summary: On the 18th Jun 2011 Mr JACEK LACINA (founder of the  jobseekersite.info  - POMOC BEZROBOTNYM) designed, lead and delivered a third successful event this time in partnership with Mr Eoin Langton from Sigmar Recruitment. Event was conducted in the Polish and English language with the aim of helping the Polish job seeking community in Ireland.  The event took place in the Polish Social and Cultural Centre (POSK) in 20 Fitzwilliam Place, Dublin 2.


The objective was to help polish jobseekers in the fight against unemployment by:
1)    Identifying specific professions and industries where employment is growing, as an indication for up skilling or career change.
2)    Answering the question: What employers are looking for from positional employee?
3)    Inform and motivate the jobseeker to take action for change!

Event team members:
- Eoin Langton (Sigmar Recruitment),
- Monika Morkowska, Joanna Kuklicz, Marcin Czechowicz (forum Pomoc Bezrobotnym),
- Sławomir Norberczak (POSK),
- Zuzanna Żelazny (psycholog, psychoterapeuta www.psychologyhub.eu),
- Katarzyna Ostasz (Life and Career Coach),
- Anna Machowska (YourEnglish.ie, Language School in Dublin),
- Iwona Rybacka (Life and Business Coach),
- Barnaba Dorda (SIPTU),
- Artur Banaszkiewicz (SWSPiZ),  
- Wojciech Wrona (Polski Klub Biznesu, www.polonia.ie , www.irlandia.ie )

Jacek Lacina was the course principle instructor. He invited the following guest speakers:
-     representatives of  the Irish organisation SITPU
-    psychologies,
-    life and business couches,
-    recruiters and employment experts,
-    english teachers
-    Media

Conclusion: Over 60 people took part in the workshop. The event was well received with positive feedback from 90% of participants. Jacek Lacina was the course principle instructor and his event gained a lot of support in the Polish community in Ireland. The event was also covered by the Polish Media.

Jacek Lacina wrote several articles, including articles such as ‘’Analysis of the Irish employment market 2011’’ These articles were written to inform the Polish community of the opportunities that exist in different sectors and also to promote the new website www.jobseekersite.info

In August 2011 the culmination of 1 year running the fan page for jobseekers on Facebook - (POMOC BEZROBOTNYM), the successful organisation of 3 workshops and extensive market research, resulted in the creation of  a new website for jobseekers, www.jobseekersite.info. The site is in two languages Polish and English. The Polish version is fully developed and the English version is under development.

Thank you.

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