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Second Workshop for Polish Jobseekers Community in Ireland, Dublin 28.04.2011

The second Workshop for Polish Jobseekers Community in Ireland was organized by Jacek Lacina (Leader and fouder of JobseekerSite.info - POMOC BEZROBOTNYM)
With the support:
1. Trade and Investment Promotion Section Embassy of Republic of Poland in Dublin
2. The Polish Social and Cultural Centre in Dublin
3. Social School of Business and Management

Executive summary: On the 28th April 2011 Mr Jacek Lacina (founder of the  jobseekersite.info  - POMOC BEZROBOTNYM) designed, lead and delivered a second successful event this time in partnership with Trade and Investment section of the Polish embassy in Dublin in the Polish language with the aim of helping the Polish job seeking community in Ireland.  The event took place in the Polish Social and Cultural Centre (POSK) in 20 Fitzwilliam Place, Dublin 2. The objective was to help polish jobseekers in the fight against unemployment by promoting polish entrepreneurs in the Republic of Ireland. Guest of honour was Jacek Jędruszak of the Department of Trade and Investment Promotion of the Polish Embassy in Dublin and representatives of the Irish organisation „Crosscare” and founder of Mymind.org  and The Polish Business Club.  Over 65 people took part in the workshop. The event was well received. The event was broken down into three modules:
•    The first module centered on personal and career development.
•    The second module was on mental health and social welfare issues
•    the third module concentrated on promoting entrepreneurship.   



Speeker Jacek Lacina was the course principle instructor.


 Event team members:
- Jacek Jędruszak (Counsellor Commercial of Embassy of the Republic of Poland Trade and Investment Promotion Section)-Krystian Fikert (Chief Executive of MyMind Centre)
- Irena Suchecka Information and Advocacy Officer Crosscare Housing and Welfare Information
- Katarzyna Zajączkowska Financial Accountant at Noone Casey Chartered Accountants
- Krzysztof Socha consultant at www.ng24.ie
- Wojciech Wrona (Polish Business Club)
- Monika Morkowska, Joanna Kuklicz, Marcin Czechowicz (forum Pomoc Bezrobotnym

The event had 3 modules:
First module was a continuation of a previous workshop and had included course authoring Jacek Lacina "Continuous self development".
The course covered:motivation, CV & cover letter clinic, ways of seeking employment. In addition Monika Morkowska and Marcin Czechowicz presented job opportunities in the EU, including countries like Germany, Holland, Austria etc.
Second module covered mental health and social issues. Mr Krystian Fikert (Chief Executive of MyMind Centre) advised on how to avoid and heal depression.
Irena Suchecka (Information and Advocacy Officer from Crosscare Housing and Welfare Information) addressed the social issues and the role of “Crosscare” in helping people in difficult life situations.
Third module was promoting entrepreneurship among Poles in Ireland. We aim to encourage and aid unemployed people with a good business idea to develop these ideas and perhaps make employment for themselves and others. -said Artur Banaszkiewicz the School of Social Entrepreneurship and Management, co-organizer of the meeting.Jacek Jędruszak (Counsellor Commercial of Embassy of the Republic of Poland Trade and Investment Promotion Section) opened the module with a presentation of supporting role for polish entrepreneurship in Ireland and the networking opportunity with polish business via the embassy department.Katarzyna Zajączkowska Financial Accountant at Noone Casey Chartered Accountants presented how easy it is to open and run business in Ireland form an accounting point of view.Mr Wojciech Wrona (Polish Business Club) listed the ways of financing the business in Ireland via grants, loans etc.Mr Krzysztof Socha presened the Back to Work Enterprise Scheme


Media coverage:

Timetable of events:
18.30-19.00: Registration Ms Asia for POMOC BEZROBOTNYM
19:00-19:05: Opening of the meeting, plan a meeting - Slawomir Norberczak, (Co-project organiser on behalf of POSK) introduction of chief organiser of the event: JACEK LACINA.
19.05 -19.15: JACEK LACINA (initiator and main organizer of Operations) welcomes the audience and presentation of fresh information from www.PomocBezrobotnym.com
19.15-19.50 "Continuous self development": course author JACEK LACINA (A multimedia presentation with the participation of Marcin Czechowicz and Monica Markowsaka) covering:
• Motivation,
• CV and cover letter clinic
• Various channels of job searching
• Employment opportunities in other EU countries
19.55-20.00 - Break
20.00-20.15: "How to combat depression" Krystian Fikert (Chief Executive of MyMind Centre
20.15-20.20 “The mission of the "Crosscare" - Irena Suchecka Information and Advocacy Officer Crosscare Housing and Welfare Information
20.20-20.25 "Back to Work Enterprise Scheme” Krzysztof Socha
20.25-20.30 – Break
20.30-20.45 Trade relations between the Poland and Ireland - Jacek Jędruszak (Counsellor Commercial of Embassy of the Republic of Poland Trade and Investment Promotion Section
20.45-21.55 Advantages and disadvantages of accounting for tax and accounting requirements in Ireland - Catherine Zajączkowska-book, Noone Casey Chartered Accountants. Katarzyna Zajączkowska Financial Accountant at Noone Casey Chartered Accountants
20.55-21.10 Forms of financing activities in Ireland, Wojciech Wrona founder of www.polonia.ie
21.10-21:20 Studies in Polish in Dublin - School of Social Entrepreneurship and Management - Presentation by Arthur Banaszkiewicz
21.20-21.30 Networking and closing meetings

Conclusion: Innovation activities of our Forum POMOC BEZROBOTNYM www.Jobseekersite.info include the sharing and posting of relevant information and links for jobseekers, open and informative discussions around the area of employment through social media, the running of workshops in the Polish language, which covers a wide range of topics around the area of unemployment including:
• mental health issues,
• self development,
• business start up (Finance, grants, professionals advice and Polish Irish Trade)
• employment seeking skills (CV writing, interview preparation etc).

Guest speakers at the workshops come from a wide cross section of professions. We are a voluntary group and all services and consultancy are free of charge.
We are "militia" in the fight against unemployment, we built a platform using Facebook where people can share information, promote solidarity between members, we have seen interaction 24 / 7 - and that sets us apart from the usual courses. We have helped many people already, we emphasize the problem of unemployment among the Poles and the same FAS begins conducting similar workshops in Polish: http://www.fas.ie/en/Job+Seeker/Working+and+Training+Abroad/DIALOG/News.htm At the first workshop was a special guest of the Consul Ms. Ewa Sadowska, who shared their personal reflections on "unemployment" with the participants of the meeting, now engaged in the event the Investment Promotion Department of Trade and the Embassy, on behalf of the Attorney Mr. Jacek Jędruszak agreed to occur. In summary, the organizers would like to thank all the invited guests, as well as the Dominican Polish Chaplaincy and Polish Chaplaincy in Ireland for support.


jobseekersite.info - POMOC BEZEROBOTNYM in numbers (29.05.2011):
• Over 650 Facebook Friends and close to 400 followers
• 60+ links for jobseekers
• Word of Mouth and “shop window” information on upcoming vacancies
• 54 forum topics on Discussion board like: 11 keys to success:
• In range of 200+ page hits a day (42,007.00 views per calendar month)
• 40+ articles written to date in Polish media in Ireland.
• 2 innovative and successful workshops organised + 1 work in progress.
• Webpage www.pomocbezrobotnym.com on the construction is getting already may hits as it use as a bridge for google search engine direct to facebook forum (20+ hits a day).

Contact details:
Email: pomocbezrobotnym@gmail.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Pomoc-Bezrobotnym/140667275956636
Twitter: http://twitter.com/PomocBezrobotny
Web: www.Jobseekersite.info

Thank you.

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