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About us

Personal Development Workshop in Cork.

Trainer: Jacek Lacina, JobseekerSite.info
Date: 20.11.2011
Venue: Montenotte Hotel in Cork City.

The Workshop was designed for the Polish  Community in Ireland.   The event was organized by Jacek Lacina, jobseekersite.info with the support of Skillnet and FPB.

It was the 5th event in a series based on “Continuous self development course” designed by Jacek Lacina.

 Course objectives:
•    Understanding your current situation and your needs for constructive change as a motivation factor.
•    Full fill your needs for improvements, using SMART objectives tools.
•    Self promotion tools (CV, CL, social media, interview etc)
•    Transferable and soft skills
•    What employers want from new hire and Be your own boss.
•    Job searching channels in the global employment market

Executive summary:

On the 20th of November 2011 at the 'Montenotte Hotel' in Cork Mr Jacek Lacina  www.jobseekersite.info  - designed, lead and delivered a workshop for 40 attendants. The aim of the event was to activate and promote personal development. The event took place at the 'Montenotte Hotel' in Cork. The objective was to help polish jobseekers and persons who wish to progress or change careers  by:
•     Activating and motivating them
•     Presenting ways to survive unemployment
•     Presenting professional CV and cover letter
•     Stimulating entrepreneurial spirit and Self employment
•     Effective communication skills  training

Event key attendants:
1)    Jacek Lacina Personal Development Trainer and event organiser (www.jobseekersite.info)
2)   Dr Jarosław Płachecki, WSRL Dublin
3)    Barnaba Dorda (SIPTU)
4)    Wojciech Wrona www.polonia.ie
5)    Marcin Czechowicz,(www.jobseekersite.info , www.ilandia.ie )
6)    Karen Mc Elligott CvbyKaren@gmail.com


40 people took part in the workshop. The event was well received with positive feedback from 95% of participants. Jacek Lacina was the course principle instructor and his event gained a lot of support in the Polish community in Ireland. The event was also well received by the Polish Media in Ireland.


Karen Mc Elligott
for jobseekersite.info  
Email: Cvbykaren@gmail.com






Feedback from participants of the workshops:
"Already after a few minutes from the start of training I felt a special surge of positive energy spreading across the hall from minute to minute. Minimum time, maximum knowledge. Workshops strongly motivated me to action, that really in all of us lies untapped potential, so it’s time for action ... :)"-  [Aneta]

 "Workshops in Cork were a great possibility to establish interesting contacts & inspiration for further research & action. Thanks! "- [Magda Chmielecka-Lisiecka Career Coach]

" I liked the workshops. I was interested in pursuing my own business in Ireland and that is why I enjoyed the lecture. Generally, workshops judge very positive and I look forward to the next one. " [Agnes]

Special thanks for Aneta Kosidlo from writing full report form that event.

For more photos pleas go to:

Report 5 from Personal Development Workshop in Cork

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