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Marcin Czechowicz from JobSeekerSite.info is running as a candidate in the upcoming local elections for Dublin City Council.

Marcin CZECHOWICZ  from JobSeekerSite.info is running as a candidate in the upcoming local elections for Dublin City Council.

About Marcin:
Young energetic and hardworking Independent Candidate from Dublin Pembroke South Dock area who will make a difference!
He studied Latin and Oriental Languages at Jagiellonian University in Krakow before moving to Dublin and becoming “Nouveaux Irish” 10 years ago in 2004. At the beginning he was assembling computers for IBM-Ireland. Then he worked as a Security Officer for Bank of Ireland - St Stephens Green before finally settling down working as a Law Clerk for a Solicitors’ Company in Dublin 2.
When the recession hit he began up-skilling himself with courses such as Bookkeeping and Accounting from FAS which led to his studies in International Business at Dublin Business School and then BA (Hons) in Business at National College of Ireland.

Volunteer Work:
He has shared his education with the community during the Workshops for Jobseekers that he co-organised with Jacek Lacina in Dublin and now he is   deputy community leader  at  the site dedicated to personnel development   JobSeekreSite.info (Site is in English and polish and serves as a compass for personal development in  Ireland).  
As part of his community work Marcin joined the Polish Business Club in Ireland and has started working for the online newspaper for ex-pats Irlandia.ie where he is currently working as the Associate Editor.

He is also an active member of the Irish-Polish Society based in Dublin 2. 

Marcin with Canadian Minister Jason Kenney in Wynns Hotel Dublin in 2011:


Why vote for Marcin?

•    He will ensure that everyone in his Constituency has equal access to education especially those from Migrant Communities.
•    He will help fully integrate those Communities with Irish society.
•    He will focus on the economic and cultural regeneration projects to the Dockland Area that will bring people together while working on those projects and later participating in them!
•    Has many years of experience  in volunteer work working for the community as Community Deputy Leader @ JobseekerSite.info
•    Finally he will Battle austerity measures and ensure jobs and opportunity for every citizen who wants one!

Please vote Marcin Czechowicz for Dublin City Council, Dublin Pembroke South Dock Electoral
Area. Election date is 23.05.2014!

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Jacek & Karen, of  CVbyKeren@gmail.com



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