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Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.
- Ryunosuke Satoro
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Personal development


1)    FAS
- You need to register with FAS first
-    pick the course suit you.
-book the appointment to talk to training officer to secure your palce in course
- more info: http://www.fas.ie/en/Training/Home/default.htm

2)    Qualifax - National Learners' Database of course and career information. The site has a listing of all courses in Ireland www.qualifax.ie

3)     FIT meets the IT recruitment needs of industry through providing training, support and career opportunities for unemployed people, so that they can achieve their true potential and contribute to the Irish Econom   www.fit.ie
4)    Learn new skills with ALISON, its 100% Free, interactive and easy to use!. Study online and gain a certificate from a leading Online Learning Provider. With over 250 courses http://alison.com/course/

5)    Elevation Programme, Chartered Accountants Ireland, Accountancy Course
6)    Free language course, poundage exchange program at ILAC Dublin - City Central Library ILAC, Henry Street, Dublin 1, more info at 01 873 4333
7)    NCI free placement for unemployed http://www.ncirl.ie/promo/default.asp
8)    Free courses: http://www.cdvec.ie/en/index.cfm/do/BTEI
9)    Training course at  - http://www.ipa.ie/Education_&_TrainingEducation  +  www.ipa.ie
10)    Dublin Business School - http://www.dbs.ie/course-information/course-fees.htm
Dublin Business School. Business, Arts Degree, Accounting, Law Degree, Full Time Undergraduate Cours
11)    Summit Finuas Network http://www.summitfinuasnetwork.com/tns/homepage.aspx
Summit Finuas Network - Home
12)    Dublin institute of techology: www.dit.ie/upskill
13)    National College of Ireland, Mayor Street, IFFSC DublinWhat: FETAC Certificate in Business, HETAC Certificate and Diplomas in Web Technologies and certificate in Entrepreneurship. More info:http://www.ncirl.ie/promo/default.asp
14)    National Framework of Qualifications: www.nfq.ie

15)    Other links:

  • http://www.fas.ie/en/Training/Home/default.htm
  • http://www.courses.ie/
  • http://www.jobs.ie/TrainingCourses/
  • www.dit.ie/upskill
  • www.courses.ie
  • http://www.gotocollege.ie/
  • www.qualifax.ie
  • www.alison.com
  • https://www.citydeal.ie/deals/dublin-special/Babbel/360710
  • www.libratus.edu.pl
  • www.lamakeupacademy.com
  • www.Goldenline.pl
  • http://members.engineersireland.ie/events/event_list.asp?show=group&cid=1932
  • http://www.dublin.polemb.net/index.php?document=518
  • www.learningpeople.co.uk
  • http://www.theopencollege.com/
  • http://www.jobfit.ie/
  • www.careerdecisions.ie
  • www.ncirl.ie
  • www.elevationprogramme.ie